Waking Up to Trump’s America
Gregory Lusted

It’s time to knock the crap out of Gregory Lusted for promoting these lies, this propaganda against Trump. Every one is panicking and running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Shut up already.

Don’t you understand millions of us lost good jobs and businesses, lost our homes, lost all income and wealth. Lost our Goddamn credit lines. Stranded us up the creek without a paddle.

We were devastated, decimated and destroyed and where was Obama? He was ordered by the Golden Slacks crowd to save the banks and save the rich. He complied immediately.

So as we all screamed where’s our bailout nothing happened. And nothing is happening to this day! I look in the local paper of the hundreds of foreclosures every month. It’s a disgrace.

Not one family should have lost their home during this man-made recession of greed. Greed of the Wall Street Whores! Look at The Big Short.

If Donald Trump is a monster he’s our monster. And he is going to slap you upside the head and wake you up to the anguish and pain still out here after 9 years of hell.

Donald Trump will be the greatest president since FDR. Maybe since Lincoln.

In the words of the BP CEO, “I want my life back”