By the way, Jay, what is it about you business that is causing it to go south?
Since demagogues like Trump appeal directly to the ego and the negative offset of the tribal…
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Jim. I don’t know.

In August, 2007 my phones went silent in an eerie but fatal way. After being busy for so many years the fall off the cliff was reminiscent of the Mad Men credits in the beginning of each show.

We were on top of the world and fell off the building. No. We were pushed off the building by Wall Street Whores, the Greedy Bastards who brought the country to its knees.

But we didn’t know what was happening. The general public was oblivious to the financial shenanigans of the rich and powerful. In fact, the stock market kept going up until October, 2007 to a new record at the time.

So again, eerily my phones are very quiet.

I pride myself on being quite astute to the market and economic trends.

But this is a puzzle that I just can’t put my finger on.

What is causing it?

Have people tightened up on purchasing homes because a) the prices have gotten too high?, b) the new tax bill will hurt real estate?, c) the “Trump bounce” euphoria is over?, d) the rich and powerful elite know that Mueller will find impeachable evidence to really turn this economy on its head?, or e) some combination of all of the above?

I don’t know. All I have is anecdotal evidence. All I can say and have is my writings on Medium as a medium of thought exchange on current events.

But I almost feel the same way as August, 2007. Then, as now, I say it is a temporary lull in the action. It will subside soon and life will resume it’s wonderful upward trend and I will give blessings to Trump as my true savior.

Or is something looming over the deepwater horizon that will crash us again causing me to fall off the building?

I am paranoid.

The only saving grace is that my wife just called and told me we are receiving our first installment of my mother-in-law’s inheritance in seven to ten days.