Yes gang. I could only hold him off for 2 weeks… but as the time draws near, I think of all of the…
David Gross

Ladies and gentlemen of the Medium realm. The writings of David Gross reveal his true inner thoughts. A manifestation of advanced intellectual humor unparalleled in human history.

When I first read Mr. Gross’s work I thought who is this “nut job.”

But his wit, his ability to enunciate the dichotomy of life (now known as alt) is his greatest strength.

My psychiatric analysis of his life would clearly show a man who can easily attract desirable women with said wit and disarm them. Literally disarm them and hypnotically force them to love and make love to him.

During this time they are very happy but at some point the woman regains reality and is repulsed for some reason that cannot be explained!

Why does the relationship become hideous and revolting?

Is it “….the Dark Side of David?”

I don’t think so. His heart is bigger than mine and we both wear them on our sleeves.

I think the answer is that David Gross has evolved and is the product of accelerated evolution that is beyond most in our species.

In our relationship in just a few short months I know where I stand, I am comfortable knowing he is at a whole new level. I find it challenging and stimulating to try to keep up with him. Like a foot race my short Yvan Cournoyer legs can only pump at 10,000 rpm.

David does the quarter mile in exactly 3.72 seconds.

He is a marvel to behold!