You might say that they have been closet Trumpers all their lives and feel relieved and free that there is finally a leader than gives them permission to be who they really are (most of us on our bad days).
I Understand The Donald Because In Many Ways I Am Just Like Him
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Medium world this writing by James M. Ridgway, Jr is insightful in its intellect and revealing in its psychological (and possibly psychiatric) nature.

A tremendous discovery as to the “why” of the election; touched upon and danced around by the media but rawly manifested here in human primitive and primordial origins.

I am not being facetious here.

Just yesterday I was thinking what am I missing? Why all the hubbub of behavioral ramblings against our president? Why doesn’t someone explain this phenomenon?


I have said many times in my previous writings that I Am Trump and He Is Me.

We are alike in so many ways and to so many degrees.

As for actors, I emulate Jack Nicholson in Batman most closely!

“This town needs an enema!” is my favorite line.

Is it possible that Mr. Ridgway, whom I differ with in boatloads but eminently respect, has found a new parameter of electoral politics to be exploited in all future elections? I think so.

Goodbye Baron Trump 2060!