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Let’s talk nuclear. Is it possible to create and manufacture a very small nuclear generator to fit inside an automobile 🚗 to charge a battery pack?

I’m thinking if a Tesla had a small onboard nuclear generator which would theoretically “run forever” it would never have to be recharged. The generator would keep the battery charged “forever.”

Of course there are practical matters which must be addressed. How much would this cost? What about disposal? What about dangers? Could a bomb be made?

I envision this unit would be smaller than a 2 foot cube and comprise of very low level radiation. Just enough energy would be developed to turn a generator in recharging the main battery. The unit would constantly run day and night and the battery would automatically disconnect from the generator when fully charged.

For that matter how about a small self contained unit for household use? Forget about fossil, solar or wind. Every home gets it’s own nuclear generator for all of it’s electric needs!

I’m not sure if there are any byproducts or pollutants emanated from the unit except maybe heat.

Oh no. More heat in the environment. More global warming!

Never mind!