American corporations try to lower their costs of production by offshoring and outsourcing labor, materials and manufacturing to other countries.

This at the expense of American jobs, income and wealth of the middle class.

It is a wealth transfer system from the workers to the investors which is not sustainable. If you extrapolate this trend no one will have any money to buy what is being imported, even at the lower price.

President Trump has clearly identified this dilemma and is formulating a disincentive to this activity. It is complex.

I don’t want my tequila or Dos Equis ambar to go up in price. And it shouldn’t.

These were always made elsewhere and to my knowledge not manufactured or processed here. That type of product should be exempt. And rightly so. No jobs are lost if I buy that booze except for those lost because I don’t buy American booze.

But that competition is good and healthy.

I’ve been driving Toyota products for 20 years because they are basically kicking American ass in performance, reliability and longevity.

So I will buy a Chevy when Consumer Reports says it’s the best car. Until then the American car makers have to do better. And do it in America.

So if Ford wants to move to Mexico and lay off thousands of auto workers and affect the lives of the ancillary services here then they must pay the price.

The border adjustment tax is good for us.

So let’s now think out of the proverbial box and apply the same thought to the immigrant problem.

If you want to bring in a foreign worker which will effectively displace an American worker here (whether or not they can do the job) you have to pay the price!

An immigrant adjustment tax is good for us.

And this tax must be high enough to convince corporations to TRAIN THE AMERICAN CITIZENS TO DO THE JOB.

And it is critical that the proceeds of all of these new “taxes” goes to those displaced and affected by outsourcing, offshoring and importing foreign labor.

Who can apply for these new benefits?

If you lost your job, your income, went bankrupt, lost your house, were generally financially destroyed then you are in the pool. And you will get a monthly check to supplement your loss so you, American Workers, can make it in the new USA!

I equate this to the sharing economy.

How about Alaska where the citizens get a check for every barrel of oil pumped out of the state. Saudi Arabia gives its citizens oil money also.

I can see it now. A whole new legal business for all the lawyers to jump on.

Instead of helping people apply and get disability they can now sue to get border adjustment benefits.

When do I sign up?