Lucy fell from a tree and I’m glad we found her

You’ve come a long way baby! You brought home the bacon, fried it up in the pan… and never let me forget I’m a man!

Because she was a woman! She was the epitome of femininity of 3.2 million years ago. She tells me everything I need to know about evolution.

Life began with a spark albeit a large lightning strike. It hit a primordial soup of amino acids and eventually became a one celled organism. Yeah, I know, I’m the largest singled celled organism you’ve ever seen.

I recently read where a spark occurs when sperm meets an egg. That’s the essence of life. Thus, I believe we have evolved over billions of years. No Adam or Eve. No creating earth in 7 days. No supreme being.

And, therefore, no religion will survive in a hundred years. Maybe a lot sooner if the Russian astronomers verify that signal from a planet 94 light years away. We’re on the verge of evolving to a place where there is no more war. If you are young you are so lucky. You just may witness it!