Undercover agents squash attempt of violence. Perp was inspired by McVeigh

Whatever happens in this animalistic world is a puzzle as to the question why. Animalistic in the sense that we are not just a step ahead of the animal world we are only a half step ahead of them.

Look at our behavior with each other. Are we devolving or are these incidents mere anomalies of human nature.

Whatever and whenever anything happens I ask the question why. What made this person do what they have done. Then I compare it to my own life and analyze the decision process and sometimes rationalize the act.

Ok. You got me. I always rationalize.

Human nature is powerful. Revenge is natural. Payback is a bitch. The normal response is to punch back. That’s why the Christian way is to turn the other cheek.

Age is not a factor. The young man above and the young man driving the car into the crowd are the same as the 66 year old with the gun on the baseball field.

Is it nature or nurture? Biological or environmental? Upbringing or hanging with the wrong crowd?

In all the 200+ years of the nation’s penal system have we ever asked the perp why he/she did it?

The answer is, of course, yes. But what happens is the authorities write the answer down and it gets filed away. We never do anything about the root of the problem.

We never take any action to correct the situation so it will never happen again.

How many people are instructed by parents, by school, by mentors that you must think about the end result of your actions? Not many is the obvious answer.

The man above thinks bombing the FBI building will __________________.

The man running his car into the crowd will ______________.

What are their motives? What is their ulterior motive? What do they want to accomplish and why do it?

For example, if I use the term “goddamn” in my writings (and you will notice I use it a lot) I am emphasizing anger or frustration and I want you to smile when you read it. I know you are smiling!

Next time something happens think about why is the person doing what they are doing. Whether it be a radicalized Islamic terrorist who just can’t stand our way of life of pornography and capitalism or the crazed driver who shoots another in a road rage incident.

And in your own life think about the results of your actions. Think about what life will be like after you act.

In the words of my favorite all time movie Batman where Jack Nicholson says, “Hey Eckhart. Think about the future!”

We should all think about the future.

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