After Trump
charles beckett

Mr. Beckett, you just nailed it and so eloquently! Inveigle? A new word for me after 65 long years on earth! To persuade by deception. Ahhh, that is the fabric of America. We live in a world of deception whether you are buying a mattress, a used car or choosing a president. And we have been deceived! And we don’t like it!

Like Trump I am a counterpuncher. You hit me, I punch back. This recession crushed us and we are punching back. But who do we hit? We don’t know who to go after and the culpable parties have not been identified let alone prosecuted. We are jabbing and flailing our fists in thin air and it’s frustrating. We don’t want justice or revenge, we want economic restitution.

So, as you noted, Trump is our voice and our way of inflicting pain to what appears to be more than 50 percent of the population. We feel the pain and we’ve had enough.