100 Days of Failure
Richard Wilkins

Mr. Wilkins. Although we rarely agree I must admit enjoying your diatribes. And instead of getting angry I try to digest your analyses and respect your opinions.

With those thoughts in mind I ask what did Obama do? Our debt doubled from $10 trillion to $20 trillion under his reign. That’s over a trillion a year. Where did he let it go? Not in my pocket.

Yes. He inherited a mess but he didn’t improve it to satisfy 47% of us.

What can we do to solve problems without the crazy rhetoric and bashing our government officials?

Let us be civil. Let us engage in civil discourse. Let us be gentlemen.

I have an open mind about everything you speak about. There are problems. The solutions elude us.

Healthcare. Let us agree that all American citizens should be covered. Let us agree that all foreign and non citizens must purchase a health plan while in our country otherwise they will come here seeking free care with us paying for it.

My daughter studied in Germany for a year and was forced to buy a policy. I like the Trump Reciprocal Plan. Do unto other countries as they would do to you. Fair is fair.

Then I ask. Who is against single payer and why?

Is it those senators and congressmen who are “on the take” from special interests and lobbyists? Trump wants to ferret out those members and figure out a way to alternatively finance their campaigns, i. e., get them out of the swamp.

Is it those that believe that there will be long lines and long waits to get care? That’s not a single payer problem, that’s a supply of professional labor problem. Get more doctors, nurses, staff, etc.

Is it the health insurance industry who will be eliminated the way H&R Block will be eliminated causing the problem?

It seems to me that if a politician could clearly lay out a plan and be ready to defend it against all resistance we would vote for them!

Bernie didn’t make it because he could not defend raising taxes to pay for health care in a clear, concise and logical manner.

He failed to explain that if you are paying $500 a month in insurance premiums and that is totally eliminated (a $6000 a year savings) but you have to pay $400 a month more in tax YOU SAVE $1200 A YEAR!

Not enough people heard this argument.

So. Until a plan is laid out in detail to get 80% support of the people there will be no real change.

Where is the Wilkins Plan?