The “Political Industry” is Polluting Our Politics
Richard Wilkins

My recommendation ❤️ is not to agree with you but your view is enlightening.

With all due respect, and you have my utmost respect, are you implying that all democrats are duly elected and get things done and republicans are just making money?

This is inflammatory.

But I am not upset. I am analyzing where the money comes from, who it goes to and how much influence it has.

As the most casual observer of the political arena I feel that most, but not all, politicians are beholden to their donors. And unfortunately the big guns in the senate and house and governorships get their funds from a few moneychangers.

I feel this influences their vote on policies.

If Soros or Steyer or Koch want something they have a huge edge over the little guy.

Just look at the tax code. Its 70,000 pages because of special interests. Same with health insurance.

We are not happy.

We are not happy with most of the legislation passed by either side.

I’ve been saying for years that we are being hosed and screwed. Sometimes overtly but mostly covertly.

We do not like when you mess with our money and health. Stop messing with our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

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