On Donald Trump Supporters
Nathan Woo

Nathan Woo. My friend. Knee how ma!

I have written about why I am for Mr. Trump since July, 2015.

I have told my story until I was blue in the face; literally!

In a nutshell, I live and have lived in South Jersey for almost 66 years.

A BA in Accounting from Rutgers and an MBA in Finance from LaSalle University.

44 years of business experience including banking, brokerage (worked on the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center), aerospace with GE and government construction contracts admin with NJ. Owned my own business for a quarter of a century and doing very nicely until August, 2007, the beginning of the real estate recession.

So nicely that my mortgage was $4400 a month in one of the finest towns in NJ and I had no problem paying it.

Money was no object. Until August, 2007.

The man made, greed driven Recession sucked us underwater and pummeled us into oblivion.

We lost income. We lost wealth. We went bankrupt. We went into foreclosure and just lost our house on December 15, 2016.

We were forced to sell assets. We were forced on early social security.

We were devastated, decimated and destroyed. We were destitute.

We were looking for hope and change.

We were looking for “yes we can!”


We found the banks and corporations getting bailed out. We waited for help.

We needed relief. We needed financial help.

All we got was a horrible credit rating to destroy all chances of ever borrowing again.

So not only did we not get anything the rich got richer and the Wall Street Whores made off with our money!

We wuz robbed! And no one was prosecuted!!


So after 9 years of hell my wife and I and our friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers and clients said “enough.”

You mother fuckers are going to pay the price for allowing this horrific pain and not only not doing something about it but not even saying anything about it!

And to this day how much do you hear about people hurting, really hurting and losing their homes.


For example, did you know that on December 15, 2016 there were 65,000 families in homes in New Jersey to be evicted by foreclosure?

That is a rotten disgrace!

What is Chris Christie and the Dum Democrats doing to stop that or at least investigate why so many people are going through this?

We can’t all be deadbeats!

It stinks!

Reverend Wright was right!

It’s not god bless America it’s goddamn America!

So we were fed up and decided to send a message to Washington and America!

God bless Donald Trump! I don’t give a rat’s ass whose pussy you’re grabbing.

Keep grabbing it because we feel the economy getting better as we speak!

We’re making money again and we’re Fucking Moving On Up!

Soon I will buy a new car. And soon we will buy a small house. With cash!

So go fuck yourself mortgage bankers. Go fuck yourselves.

Because you gots to fuck the system before the rigged mother fucking system fucks you!

And we’re fucking it right up the Hershey Highway!

Please forgive the use of the above vernacular of the peasantry. It was used solely for emotional purposes only. But next time I’ll tell you how I really feel.