while treating him like a piece of trash on the highway that we drive by.
Don’t Tell Me You’re Going to Watch Little Donald’s Speech Tonight…
Richard Wilkins

Now now now Little Richard go get your guitar and put it in tune, you’ll be a rockin’ and a rollin’ soon!

I’m sitting here in the car on the job ready to make $300 cash for one hour’s work…thank you President Trump for jump starting this economy in less than 40 days on the job!

And as far as treating like a piece of trash that’s the way I felt for the past nearly 10 years while I went bankrupt, foreclosure, lost the house, lost everything….. and where were you and the Democrats and the Republicans to do or say something about the carnage?

I was trashed and I’m still suffering from trashed esteem but I’m smiling now and all the way to the bank…….oh, what am I saying, I’m not going to the bank. That cash is going straight into my goddamn pocket as reimbursement of the $1 million we lost in the past 10 years.

The government owes us and it’s time to pay the piper!

And President Trump is our collection agent! The agent of change!!!