Do we need a guaranteed income?
Are Human Beings Going to Become Extinct?
George N Romey

Of all your options this is the most likely.

All through my work life I have said that my job is to eliminate my job. Whether it be a bank teller or an “Egyptian scribe” adding and subtracting numbers or a stockbroker executing trades for a client or any of thousands of jobs which will be easily eliminated we will need compensation.

Compensation to then do what we want and become more productive like writing on Medium all day long! And get paid for it.

IBM had a division of thinkers. They had no real job. They just went in a room and thought Great thoughts. Sort of like a Doctorate in Thinkology.

But they got paid to think.

There is so much human potential going to waste. 2000 years ago it was human physical potential. And they made the pyramids.

Today it is human mental potential. And we are sitting at home in our pajamas eating last night’s lasagna watching VP Pence talk about real bullshit in Philadelphia.

And we are reading and writing on Medium.

Ok. Time to go check out Indeed. My daily frustrating ritual.