Dear President Trump: Take Action to Level the Playing Field for American Workers
Tammy Baldwin

Senator Baldwin:

I commend you for your support and outreach to President Trump and the important salient points in your letter.

Let the record show, he will work on each of these items with the assistance of Secretary Ross.

However, I believe your aspirations do not go far enough.

The workers of Wisconsin and America need strong support in unionizing their labor.

Unionization should not be a dirty word.

Every worker should be able to band together to level the lopsided playing field.

And it is horrifically lopsided.

This endeavor will be difficult because of the monied elite and lobbying efforts. But it is needed to siphon at least some of the wealth and income inequality we now experience.

It is a disgrace that the richest 8 men in America including Gates and Buffett have as much wealth as the bottom 50 percent of our total population!

Business need not fear unions, they should embrace them!

Why fight a “negotiated contract” that is fair and reasonable and that lays down the guidelines of proper management?

This may be President Trump’s soft spot. He has worked with labor unions all his life! And I will venture that his innermost thoughts may reveal that “if you can’t make it with a union then get out of the business!”

Do more Senator Baldwin! Lead the charge! Educate the American Citizens on the benefits of the union!

And please remember


Look for the union label
When you are buying
A coat, dress or blouse
Remember somewhere
Our union is sewing
Our wages are going
To feed the kids
And run the house.
We work hard
But who’s complaining
Thanks to the union
We’re paying our way
So always look for
The union label
It means we’re able
To make it in the USA!

Mark “Jay” Parker, Sr. BA, MBA