in the Oval Orifice

She was the Devil with the Blue Dress on. He was the Super Predator you’ve heard tell about.

She was young and impressionable. He was your quintessential whoremaster addicted to sex. Not the act but to the conquest. He was blessed with Elvis magnetism and he knew it. Once he sensed his prey the juices flowed.

But he was older now and heart disease slowed the all-too-important blood flow so common with men of his age, especially those who wolfed down Big Macs and Whoppers. He was constantly bothered by the inability to perform. Was it him or was it his wife?

Thank God for Pfizer. The little blue pill was now available. He got the 100 mg pill. Wow. This shit works great. But my face gets all red and flushed; a dead giveaway.

The young intern looked vulnerable. Slightly heavy. Lots of lipstick. She wants it but is afraid to ask. He would put her mind at ease.

He tells her to come in and sit at my big desk. He wanted to say my big dick but it’s too early in the affair. She is so overwhelmed and flustered. So young and sitting with the President. I must obey him. He is the leader of the free world. So powerful.

He explains his erectile dysfunction and doesn’t know if it is him or if he just doesn’t love his wife anymore. She just doesn’t turn me on he quips.

They agree to experiment and clinically test his theory. He is not going to touch her and he is not going to have sex with her in the traditional sense. He does not consider fellatio as having sex. (I did not have sexual relations with that woman)

He instructs her to keep her clothes on and to keep the folder of government papers in her left hand. If the door knocks she is to stand at attention next to him holding the folder as if she is reading it.

He explains that with his pants down around his ankles he will slide his chair under the desk if the door knocks and wait until the coast is clear. She nods affirmatively. Smiling all the while. This is so exciting!

While on her knees she proceeds to service the Presidential member with her hand and mouth while holding the folder tightly. Luckily, he took the pill 22 minutes before she entered the room. That’s the time it takes to work. By now he was rock hard.

Because time is of the essence in the life of a President it didn’t take long to climax. She wanted no semen in the mouth so the last few strokes were by hand (hence the term handmaiden).

His loins tightened and vibrated violently suppressing his heaving voice. What a mess! It’s all over your dress. Better clean that up.

She did. And she redid her lipstick. Got her composure and told the President she would like to do it again. He smiled. He grinned ear to ear. She told him that next time I won’t wear any underwear!

Stay tuned for part deux!