Greg “The Italian Stallion” Gianforte Responds To Aggressive Youthful Guardian Wanker Reporter Ben…
Daniel Reagan Diggins

Some people like their pizza

Some people like-a suffrite

And others like hot pepper

On everything they eat

You’ll hunger with a vuole

To taste that baccala

Then all at once you’ll think

“Will I answer to gumba?”

My lovely, lonely woman

I hate to see her cry

But when I start to mangia

I get the evil eye

My vuole’s getting stronger

Ah the hell with my gumba

Then I get it from my woman

Che da botts a na sciatta!

BA da BA da ba

Ba da ba da ba


My gumba

In the banzone

When I eat

Its such a treat

In the canzone

He enjoys every meal

Every bite I can steal


My gumba

In the banzone!