My interview with Dino Dadino on the state of the economy

Why are we so angry? We on lost our jobs, our businesses, our income, all of our wealth, our dignity, not to mention our credit lines. We have been devastated, decimated and destroyed by the man-made recession of August, 2007. We have been literally rendered destitute by the greed of the Wall Street Whores, the complicity of the ratings agencies and the total incompetence of the Federal regulators. But what really pisses me off is that we had to liquidate our assets just to put food on the Goddamn table. My wife had to sell her gold jewelry (at $1407 an ounce, thank you very much) and her 1.75 carat diamond wedding ring and I had to sell my coveted 1950’s and 1960’s baseball card collection including Maris, Mantle, Mays and Aaron AND I had to sell my coin collection for scrap silver (at $36 and ounce I might add). Life is a bitch and it has been a true living hell for going on 9 years — yeah, nine years so you just can’t blame Obama; Bush ran us into the ditch and Barrack still can’t figure how to get us out. Now we’re in bankruptcy and foreclosure and going to lose the house soon. Where is the justice?

Dino is so pissed he sings a song that sounds like Disney gone awry:

Hi Ho, Hi Ho — in bankruptcy I go

I’ll pull that trigger and kill that nigger

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

That Wall Street Whore will be no more

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

I blame the Jewsssssss but what’s the uuuuuuse

Hi Ho, Hi Ho.

Crazy bastard.