In at least one of my previous writings I proposed that if we really wanted to save the planet we should be able to buy electric cars cheaper than gasoline cars.

It has finally happened.

I just got an email from my electric and gas utility company (a company where my father worked for 25 years and I worked 3 summers going through college).

If I buy a Nissan Leaf all electric car I can get it for exactly $15,000, no tax!

As you can see I get a $10,000 rebate (I guess from PSEG or Nissan) and a $7,500 federal tax credit which goes right to my bottom line.

Here in NJ I will pay no 6.875% sales tax either!

😮 OMG 😲

I want to save the planet and love an electric car!

But not a goddamn Leaf! Ugh!

I travel to Jersey City from the Philadelphia area so I need a range of 250 miles at least.

I could use the car to deliver sushi 🍣 because that racks up about 60 or 70 miles a night.

But now the other problem is since I no longer have a two car attached garage because the Obama/Christie conspiracy evicted me out of my house where do I plug the goddamn car in?

Do I run a long extension cord from my second floor condo (which is all I could afford thanks to the Bush/Obama recession) out to the parking lot?

I can’t close the goddamn front door! 🚪

And is 110 volts enough to recharge the little bastard?

So I now need 2 more things from the government.

I should be able to get any electric car with the terms as above. Ok. I will pay a little more for that new Elon Musk Tesla that has great range and performance and costs like $37,000 but must wait like 2 years to get.

And the second thing is that since the nanny state has mandated the goddamn Handicapped Accessibility Act and all the sidewalks in NJ had to be redone to accommodate the crippled people I should be able to get my own parking space with 220 volt recharging outlet for my electric car!

C’mon libs, Dimms and progressives!

If you really want to save the goddamn planet then put your money where your mouth is.

Provide electric cars at well below the price of internal combustion units and ensure that anyone (not just the rich elites) gets to charge that car at their residence.

Until that time I’ll just keep driving like I am Martin Truex, Sr. in my 2017 Toyota Camry and get 41.1 mpg on the highway!