The choices we make

I don’t know what made me think of Ted Williams today. Oh, now I remember. I was with David Gross on an assignment talking with a gentleman about his house. He stated it was built in 1941. Dave chimed in “… how could that be? Nothing was built during the war!”

But we responded that the war didn’t start until December 7, 1941. And I said 1941 was a great year. Ted Williams batted .401 in ‘41

I was slightly off.

But at 8 pm that evening I wanted to know. I googled Ted Williams 1941 and found the NYT article.

And what caught my eye was that he went into the last day at .39955 and played a double header and ended at .406.

And this brought back memories.

I was batting over .400 in my senior year of high school (Burlington Township NJ) in May of 1969 with one day to go.

In my back yard the evening before the game I had a catch with my best friend Rick Ferrara. I told him I was thinking of calling in sick and skip school that day.

That would have guaranteed my .400 average and possibly the batting championship.

But I chickened out and went to school and played the game. I went 0 for 4. Final average .396. Ugh!

The choices we make.

The difference between greatness and mediocrity.

I, the mere mortal. Ted W. the greatest of all time.