The New Republican Party and the Trump Doctrine

Let us move forward into the future not in the darkness of night but in the bright sunlight of a new day.

Sounds like something Ronald Reagan would have said but I just thought of it on the fly.

The 2016 election is the most divisive in history but the chasm can be bridged and the many faceted fears must be allayed and allayed quickly. There is much too much tension in our country and we need answers soon.

President-elect Trump is the captain of The New Republican Party and will now steer the ship in a new direction. I know this because in an uncanny way I feel I know him. I think we think alike. My sixth sense which I like to call my mild psychic ability jives with his rhetoric. I think I know where he, and we, are going.

Immigration and the Wall

Forget about all the campaign language. Candidates promise the world and never deliver. Trump said we will build “the Great Wall of China” from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico will pay for it.

Wrong! There will be enhanced fencing and construction along with electronic surveillance but no 20 foot Wall of any consequence. And Mexico will not pay using our balance of trade deficit. That was idiotic on its face and I never heard anyone dispute this method. Ain’t gonna happen but its going to be very hard to get in and to smuggle drugs over the border.

Very few will be deported. You got in and you’ve been here. There will be a way to stay. And if the Republicans can figure it out they will guarantee millions of new votes.

The far right will be unhappy but they will die off in the future. Let’s embrace legal immigration and expedite the process.

Abortions and Social Issues

The New Republican Party has to get out of the social issues especially those associated with the Bible.

Stop fighting Roe v. Wade. Stop fighting marriage equality. The new mantra of the party must be DO NO HARM.

The American public must be educated in the world of LGBTQ. None of that lifestyle is chosen. It is a biological aberration and must be accepted. Research will show it is nature’s way of controlling the population of humanity. And if that theory is correct then we will see more and more of the LGBTQ community. Embrace them. They are smart and beautiful and creative and most of them are better than you. Get over it!

Economy and Jobs

This is tough with a lot of directions to go. We need a smart computer like Watson to help us. Mr. Trump has a good team advising him on financial issues including taxes. Listen to a smart guy like Steve Ricchiuto.

He is very smart and pragmatic. Analyze and manage this area carefully. And remember DO NO HARM.

Unions and Trade

Unions force management to manage correctly. When both labor and management have a contract there is fair and reasonable interaction. Every worker not an officer or owner of a corporation is automatically in the union.

Donald Trump has operated with unionization for decades. Do not fear unions. Embrace organized labor. It will guarantee millions of votes.

Free trade must be fair trade. Level the playing field. Free market capitalism is not the best path to prosperity. Fair market capitalism is. Embrace trade but equal tariffs on each side. Don’t be stupid.

Race Relations

Black, Hispanic, Muslim, Asian, all minorities and foreigners. Embrace them. Work with them. Hear their problems and concerns. Solve the problems.

Climate Change and Energy

Climate change is real. We have pumped so much carbon into the atmosphere since 1900 that human contribution is obvious to the most casual observer. Get over it. Embrace the cause and admit you’re wrong. It is real!

However, keep pumping but promote conservation. We should be subsidizing Prius ownership with a gas tax. Incentivize the right choices. Do the right thing in moderation.


No free college. But no more excessive tuition.

Retraining programs sponsored by corporations should be initiated.

Everyone needs further education after high school. Find a way. Find a fair way.


Replace then repeal. Why not Medicare for All? Why can’t everyone be covered?

Embrace complete and total coverage for every citizen. And don’t be so belligerent as not to look at other countries. Look to Germany. Find out the good and not so good of other countries. Millions of new votes await!