Thanks for commenting Jay.
Tom Kuegler

Tom. You are like another son.

Remember, my daughter, Marina (25) is in Thailand teaching English, seeing the world and making a few dollars while she is doing it!

My son, Mark J. Parker (29) works for ABC in NYC and is doing great.

So when I read your writings I think of them and my own wayward, misspent youth!

Ah, to be 23 again!

Let’s see. That was 1974 and I was just finishing Rutgers. I was on the Rutgers-Camden ice hockey team and the Philadelphia Flyers won their first Stanley Cup! We used to say about our goalie Bernie Parent, “Only the Lord saves more than Bernie Parent”

I got my first job in July at a Philadelphia bank making $9,600 a year. But living at home I was able to buy a new 1975 Chevy Monte Carlo for $5,200.

Ah, those were the days.

Disco was just starting and we loved it. I met my wife the next year.

I’ve loved that woman for 42 years but if my wife finds out who she is she will kill me.

I can honestly say that the best years of my life were 23 to 30.

After 30 it is all downhill.

Keep writing. And think about writing a book entitled

The Kuegler Guide to Seeing the World Without Paying a Dime