If this message touches you in any way, or if you have any ideas on how we can come together to help drive a more just, fair world — I’d love to hear from you.
From Refugee to American Citizen: Thoughts on Trump’s Latest Immigration Orders
Yasmine Mustafa

Touch me? I’m crying! And you don’t want to see a 66 year old man crying!

Where do I begin…… to tell the story…..lalalala

Well, my dear Ms. Mustafa, yours is an extraordinary story and I respect and commend all you have done and experienced. If there is a God, you are blessed.

But to make the world better you must make us better. And we can help but we have been in this crashing plane screaming out of space going faster and faster for almost 10 years now.

And in my humble opinion I believe that in a crashing plane I must put my oxygen mask on first before I help others. That’s the procedure.

I am a staunch Trump supporter and have been from the beginning.

I would love to be able to do great things.

But we have been financially devastated, decimated and destroyed with no hope, no change and no help. And we have lashed out!

Where did our lousy little $120,000 a year jobs go? Did a foreigner replace us? Was the job outsourced? What the hell is going on to use a well worn phrase.

And as far as the Ovarian lottery goes we have been right here in Burlington County, NJ for 66 years. My father and his father and his father go back to 1796!

We have standing here!

You know, everyone wants the Lexus but they can only afford the Toyota. And some must drive the 1996 Toyota.

If you want the Lexus you must pay the price.

I’m ranting here but my point is that you don’t just get what you want. You must get it the old fashioned way. You must earn it!

Now, with those thoughts in mind, how can we (my wife and I) get whole again to perform the more noble aspects of life?