I knew it! My life has been getting better since Election Day and my mantra has been that the economy is booming!

Just this last week I have been buried with work, not this active since my Mom passed away on June 18, 2007 when I had 3 jobs in one day! That day I asked myself if I should make $1000 or go see Mom in the hospital. I took the money but the doctor kept calling saying that they couldn’t keep her on the heart machine for much longer.

They pulled the goddamn plug on her before I could get there.

Life went downhill after that and accelerated by August. With Obama in I couldn’t pay the mortgage and went bankrupt. Foreclosed and evicted in 2016.

So Trump is correcto mundo. We are at 3. Can we get to 4? Can we sustain 3?

Time will tell but the one thing that the Left is deathly afraid of is a booming economy under Trump!

In Trump we Trust!