“We gotta get duh Niro!”

I’m watching these funny TV commercials for the new SUV hybrid Kia Niro starring Melissa McCarthy. They are hilarious!

But because I have a sick and twisted creative mind I thought of a new spot for the Kia Corporation.

Picture the Mafia boss in the back seat of the new Niro. An underling, his driver, in the front seat.

In the heavy Italian dialect the boss says

“We gotta get duh Niro”

as if he is putting a hit on the Hollywood star.

The driver says

“I got it!”

acknowledging that he already bought the car.

Boss leans forward stressing

“Get duh Niro!”

Driver exclaims

“I got it already!”

Boss slaps him upside the head.

Camera skip pans to Mr. Di Niro in a new Niro.

Then we can extrapolate this theme to include many famous personalities uttering the words “get duh Niro!”

Picture James Caan, Al Pacino, Steve Buscemi, all the guys from The Soprano’s, and a cameo of President Trump and finally Hillary Clinton!


And we gotta get Chaz Palminteri to be the main boss!

With my connections to the South Philly mob I am sure I can get Utterly Mad Entertainment to produce this ad.

In the meantime, I gotta go get a Niro!

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