Sixty million people are either white supremacists or complicit with white supremacists.
How to Feel Better After This Election (But Just a Little Bit)
Evan Jacobs

We really aren’t. Most of the 60 million votes were from those hurt by the recession. When my mom passed away on June 18, 2007 she left me $100,000. I needed it to pay the mortgage and buy food. We needed it to survive. It was all gone by August, 2008, the last month I paid the mortgage. Now 100 months later, we are being evicted by the county sheriff.

It has been 9 years of hell. We voted for Trump because we can’t keep going like this.

We are willing to give him a chance.

You should too.


PS. Not a day will go by that you don’t think of your mom. And your lips will tighten and your face will try to hold back tears but your eyes will get watery. I’m doing it right now.