We’re back on our feet again!……..

and please, please forgive us for giving 100% total credit to President Donald J Trump !

Yes! Our lives have dramatically changed since election night 2016 when tears of pain and despair turned to tears of joy and rapture!

Yes. It’s sad, but true.

For those of you who follow me or have read my writings over the past year you know what we’ve gone through.

From August, 2007, the month of the real estate collapse until Christmas of 2016 life was a living hell.

Of course, not as bad as some but pretty doggone bad. We lost everything and income was cut by 90%

The nail in the coffin was the eviction notice handed to me by the sheriff THE MORNING AFTER TRUMP WON!

It was as if the Democrats were so pissed off that they said “get rid of all the Republicans.”

So why are we so happy now?

During the recession our credit was ruined. We couldn’t get a loan or credit card let alone a mortgage AFTER WE BEGAN MAKING MONEY AGAIN.

But now we have 2 new cars and just bought an over 55 condo for $92,000. But the amazing thing is I just got a credit card for $5000 from Wells Fargo (my bank) and was just approved for another one from TD Bank for $10,000!!!

My wife (with bankruptcy and foreclosure on her credit report) just got $7,500 from TD Bank!

Thank you to the management of Wells Fargo and TD Bank for totally ignoring the economy ruining Dodd-Frank law and obeying the directives of President Trump.

Finally the banks are lending again which was the goal of Hank Paulson. He orchestrated billions to bail out the banks in hopes they would lend. They finally are!

Now to share further anecdotal evidence with you we’ve just been approved for another $6,000 line with Home Depot!

We need new appliances, vanities, toilets, light fixtures, countertop, carpet and paint for the condo.

And I need a whole new HVAC system replacement which I am working on.

We feel normal again!

We can’t wait to enjoy our over 55 two bedroom, two bath 1485 square foot second floor condo with all the other OP’s (Old People).

Now why do we feel so good about President Trump?

Because we were rejected and dejected so many times under the Obama administration. He did didly squat for us!

But President Trump, by design or default has transformed our lives and given us great happiness!

And our love life has improved immensely!

Why do you think they call it

…hap penis