We’re not on Easy Street

But we are on Primrose Lane!

Happy New Year to the vast reading audience of Medium and may all of you advance that ball farther in 2018!

Sitting here on the sofa still in pajamas wrapped in a blanket with baby Sophie licking her hind end. Catching up on all the Sunday news shows with a periodic channel change to the Weather Channel.

Earlier it was 7 degrees and the snow has not melted. I look out the window to the flag over the community pool. The thermostat set at a conservative level of 61.

My wife left for work at 11am and she will return at 9 tonight after a day of selling mattresses fully utilizing her MBA in Marketing. Every day we search for a better “Trump job” which will pay more with shorter hours and closer to home. We’re racking up the mileage on the leased cars.

I check Medium ( now my daily companion ) and see where my good friend Daniel Reagan Diggins wishes me a Happy 2018. I wipe away tears as my face becomes flush and my jaw tightens. I remain permanently depressed. A psychological victim of the 2007–2016 recession.

But I am and should be very happy. And I am. I really am. I am busy again. Making more money since 2007. We own our home. We have no debt. We are buying 2 new cars thanks to the unfortunate passing of her 93 year old mom. Our monthly expenses will be minimal and life will be normalized.

How are you doing? Most of you appear to be stable and quite secure with life and that’s good. I detect some of you are struggling. Maybe you are worried about the future. Maybe you are confused and concerned about 2018.

Just remember that yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery; just take it day by day.

And try to keep warm because 41.9% of the country is snow covered today.

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