knowing what a Pivot Table is and how to take data from Point A (typically a data dump from an ERP) to Point B (an Excel spreadsheet).
Stupid, Clueless, and Cheap. That’s What We Want!
George N Romey

What is a Pivot Table? What is an ERP? What is an Excel? What is Aleppo?

I’m afraid life has passed us by. Technology is leaving us in the dust. We now must make that mental and physical adjustment.

We must think outside the sphere.

But all my life I said not to fight the power but work with it. If there is an obstacle go around it and turn problems into profits, calamity into cash, mayhem into money.

I am waxing philosophic here but focus man focus!

Which reminds me of a 1971 off color joke I heard-

Two old black women on a park bench and a photographer trying to take their picture holds his hands out to properly size the shot

One woman says to the other, “ What’s he doin?”

The woman answers, “oh, he gonna focus.”

Her response, “Bofus?”

Forgive me please but it was funny at the time. Hell I was only 20.

George. I’ve decided to go positive. No more negativity. No more crying and whining. I’m going to work in the system, and rig it myself!

I’m gonna focus.