Yes, there is a down side to a single payer system
Obamacare (ACA) Occupies The Sweet Spot
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

What is the downside?

Is it that there will be no more publicly traded health insurance companies and their investors will lose everything?

Then the government must make all of those investors whole. Do no harm!

Is it that there will be long lines or long waits at the doctors office?

Produce more doctors! Do no harm!

Is it that the single payer “death panels” will determine how much care you get to stay alive?

Each person must predetermine that beforehand. Do no harm!

Is it that the rich will pay more AND the poor will have to pay something because we will all use the system sometime in our lives?

I posit that the price to be paid will be less than is being paid now. Do no harm!

National health insurance is the way to go but it is hated because it is considered “forced charity.”

The greedy, sleazy bastards!