I received this IRS form and unfortunately my reaction was “…what is this fucking bullshit?”

I looked at it and analyzed the balance owed on the mortgage which is the original first mortgage borrowed in March, 2006 from GMAC.

It was at 6.25%

And there was a second mortgage from Citibank for $116,000 which was written off long ago during our Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Then there were fees, interest, penalties,etc which brought it to nearly $800,000 owed.

So my evaluation led me to believe that the new mortgage servicer is telling the IRS that they only want their principal back.

But when I saw fair market value of property at $385,000 I began to worry.

You better not be telling me that I owe tax on the difference between what is owed and current value.

You better not come after me for more goddamn money after we lost everything, went bankrupt, lost the house and ruined our credit so I cannot borrow to pay the goddamn taxes.

You better not go there because I will declare holy jihad war on the Federal Government. You want to talk jihad? You ain’t seen nothing until you see the wrath of the American worker.

So don’t even go there.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

And IRS, you can be thankful that I never shot a gun in my life, I don’t know how they work and I don’t know how to build a bomb.

But when I have money problems I do go insane. And I do nutty things. Just sayin’.

I hope I’m getting upset for no reason but you would think someone would explain what’s going on!

I like Trump’s line of “…..what the hell is going on!”

I then googled the house and Zillow says its worth $508,000. I know that’s high but I am going to fight that it’s worth $404,633.80.

Then we are even Steven. No pain, no gain, no shame.

You go your way and I’ll go mine.

So America:

Don’t be a sap. Don’t be a sucker. Don’t be a sapsucker!

We must fight the government. We must fight the rich Wall Street Whores!

We must unionize into a powerful force of protest against those things that really matter!

We have the right of free speech and the right of assembly.

We just have to get together!


People should stick together,
not spaghetti!