Never have and never will

Why we do the things we do ……..

In the late 1980's after I got blown out of the World Trade Center when the market tanked 22% in one day I wanted to get a more secure and stable job. My good friend told me there was an opening in a related department to his at the State of New Jersey Division of Building and Construction. Since I had contract administration experience with a previous job with General Electric I qualified and was hired.

But, like all higher level government jobs you need to have political muscle because it isn’t who you know it’s who you blow.

So I contacted my Republican politician Jim Saxton and my high school buddy State Senator Tommy Foy (D-NJ).

So I got in and by May, 1990 I was making $54,000 a year which was 😊 good money for a government job back then.

My wife and I were not quite on easy street but we were comfortable. My baby boy was 3 and we wanted another child the next year because the goddamn clock was ticking (I was 39 then).

The Federal Tax overhaul of December 31, 1986 was playing havoc with the real estate market and an awful lot of Texas banks were going bankrupt. So the Resolution Trust Corporation was created to liquidate assets of the banks for pennies on the dollar.

But none of that affected me. I had a cushy government job in construction contracts administration and all was well.

I got the job under Tom Kean (R-NJ) and when he was replaced by James Florio (D-NJ) we worried 😩 about layoffs.

I saw Jim Florio at the Cherry Hill Mall and had the balls to go up to him and introduce myself. I asked him point blank if there would be any layoffs and he said “No, there won’t be any layoffs.”

That was Christmastime in 1989.

By May I was laid off along with 16 other white males.


Yeah. Florio made a promise not to lay off any women, foreigners or minorities.

17 white males gone in a heartbeat.

Chalk it up to Affirmative Action.

I’m not going to just take this lying down.

I’m a fighter and when you punch me I punch you. And I don’t care how big you are. You could be the state government or even the federal government.

So when the State instituted voluntary recycling I immediately said “fuck you.”

I will continue to put plastic and cardboard and glass in the plastic trash bags and put it out at the street.

It is my little protest.

Yeah, it’s stupid, it’s immature and now it’s illegal but it is my quiet punishment in retaliation.

Like Trump I punch 🤛 back.

Why do this?

Well. All my life I heard that we are accountable for our actions.

But when it comes to the government that just doesn’t happen.

“We’re going to build a wall!”

“If you like your doctor you can keep your 👨‍⚕️ doctor.”

“Read my lips, no new taxes!”

“There will be no layoffs.”

Are you following this line of reasoning?

You may call it rationalization but I get a sense of pleasure every week.

It is the price the government must pay for disrupting lives.

And after going through bankruptcy and foreclosure and losing everything in this past recession you do not want to know what I’m doing now.

Why do you think my hair turned white?