“Trump is Like Hitler”
Kerry Murphy

Why is Trump like Hitler?

Yes, he is like Hitler in rhetoric and demeanor. But he is not mesmerizing the way Hitler virtually hypnotized the masses.

Let’s look at the supporters of Trump, my wife and I being among them.

But before I begin I notice that you are somewhere in California, a liberal, comfortable if not wealthy and travel the world making friends. That’s my dream life! That’s the life we had!

Italy 3 times, Paris, Germany, Austria, Hawaii 3 times, etc. etc.

Life was good!

Then the horrific crash of 2007. No houses could be bought, no houses could be sold. The banking system was catatonic. Our income went from $222000 to $22000 and we were forced into bankruptcy and foreclosure. What the hell happened? What the hell was going on? Who just robbed us?

As time went on we determined it was the greed of the Wall Street Whores, you know, and that includes Greenspan, Summers, Rubin and Blankfein.

Ok. So they did this and there will be no prosecutions. They got away with murder like your buddy in Los Angeles.

But wait a minute! Are you just going to let the millions of us drown in the sea of underwater houses? And don’t tell me that all of us millions did something wrong to deserve this. We need relief NOW.

But wait again! It’s November, 2008 and a new savior is about to emerge. Change-this time, it’s for real! He will help us. He says help is on the way!


It was all Goddamn Democrat Liberal bullshit. He promised great things and did nothing but healthcare which we didn’t need. It was as if he took office and immediately was sat down and told in no uncertain terms “You will do it our way!”

So where are we now?

It’s been 9 years since we were devastated, decimated, and destroyed. The only positive aspect in this scenario is that we haven’t been able to pay the $4400 a month mortgage since August 1, 2008 AND WE ARE STILL IN THE GODDAMN HOUSE, thanks to my awesome Jewish lawyer, thank you.

So I ask, what’s in your wallet? Haha, no, I ask, who do you think we are voting for?

Am I going to waste a vote or vote for 8 more years of the same? Come on, I am voting for the candidate who is lighting your hair on fire!

So next time you’re having a luncheon in Munchen ask the Krauts if they can hear us now.