Trump dollars

Why we need Trump dollars, bigly

Cash is king and large amounts are usually involved with illegal, immoral or unethical transactions. Whether it be a drug deal or someone selling a ‘57 Chevy for $40K the traceability is virtually impossible. Tax evasion is huge in America and cash is the culprit.

In my personal experience I find clients who ask “…can you do better?” They don’t want to pay by check or card and they want a significant discount. Of course if I want to put food on the table and pay my $469 electric bill (thank you global warming) I give them my usual response, “such a deal…I can make you!”

But I promptly report the income in my non-rigged accounting system.

With these thoughts in mind I began to think about cash in the world and saw Ken Rogoff on Bloomberg Surveillance. A great economist and chess master he just wrote ‘The Curse of Cash’ which covers the entire gamut of the world’s problems related to financial transactions.

So I postulate — why not create Trump dollars with his face on every bill in all denominations not to exceed $100?

These new bills have the latest technology of paper thin “chips” to trace everywhere the bill has been and when. Total true traceability.

All American currency in use is null and void and must be exchanged through the Federal Reserve. Your money’s no good here will be heard around the world. You must take your cash to a designated bank for exchange. And be prepared for IRS scrutiny over a certain amount.

This would flush out all criminals hoarding large amounts of cash as well as those with some under the mattress.

We could call it “The Great Reset”