There comes a point, though, when even his base will ask themselves: Am I better off than I was four years ago?
Judging Trump and his future.

With all due respect Mr. Cooper I thought I was reading another left wing response bashing the President and his performance.

The base (of which I am staunchly attached) is fighting the Democrats, the left, the liberals, the progressives and we are fighting the elite right, the establishment Republicans, the special interest politicians who are on the take (e.g., Blackburn/Marino viz a viz 60 Minutes) and generally all non-Trumpers who, for whatever reason, can’t stand him.

For if you disavow Trump you disavow us and that gives us even more loyalty adrenaline of support.

My followers know that not only am I better off now than 4 years ago I am way better off since November 7, 2016!

It was a real crock of manure to go from $222,000 a year to $22,000 from August, 2007 until Election Day. It was a bitch losing all savings and retirement just to survive and then losing the house on December 15, 2016 here in NJ under republican governor Chris Christie.

Miraculously, and all credit to President Trump, we are back on our feet again.

We bought a condo, two new cars, we’re making money again, we got 3 credit cards which we maxed out to refurbish the condo and got a Macy’s line and a $6500 Home Depot line. We will be done paying off the credit cards by Xmas if the economy keeps perking along and I am writing this on my new iPhone 7.

So may I say we are exponentially better off with President Trump in office.

Do we care there is no wall yet? No. Immigration has slowed to a trickle up over the border at about the same volume that money trickled down to us for the past 35 years.

Do we care there is no tax reform yet or immigration reform or healthcare reform?

They are important issues but as long as we are back on our feet with the option and opportunity to move toward easy street then we are happy. And my friend, Mr. BJay Cooper, I am happy again!

Because I was a mean old grumpy prick all during the recession from August, 2007 until the Sheriff evicted us, some 112 months of pure living hell on earth not noticed by the majority of the country and certainly not noticed by the politicians.

I went from responding to “good morning” with “what’s so good about it?” to waving to every neighbor as they drive by now.

I am considered the “roving ambassador” and as friendly as can be. And try to imagine a 66 year old man walking a little 13 year old Shih Tzu down the street with tears rolling down both cheeks and wondering how could we be so blessed so fast.

It must be President Trump!

So we, the base, know that everyone is hunting for bear. They are out to get his ass. He is going up against so much that it must be overwhelming. But he has our support and the only thing we can give him is our vote and maybe a little money next time. Maybe a little money.

And until you or anyone else on either side can give us a candidate that we can rally around then TRUMP IS OUR MAN!

PS. Just got notification that Home Depot raised our credit line to $9000! Thank you President Trump!