the mortgages were knowingly handed out to folks who could not afford them
This is not about Trump.

Yes. Many mortgages were given out to anyone who could fog a mirror. And they all went under very quickly. But in defense of the millions of us who could afford our mortgages, who did use up all of our reserves including savings and retirement to try to weather the storm and who finally had to throw in the towel let me just say that we were “victims” of the tsunami.

And those of you out there that say we were not victims think about this.

Were there victims of Hurricane Katrina or do you feel they deserved it for living in that god forsaken place?

Were there victims of 9/11 or do you say they shouldn’t have been working in those buildings?

Were there victims of Johnson & Johnson talcum powder that causes ovarian cancer or do you feel women shouldn’t have sprinkled that in their underwear to smell nice?

Were there victims of Deepwater Horizon or do you think it was just too bad they live and work along the gulf?

In all of these cases whether natural or man made the people were bailed out or made whole.

Millions of us felt that human greed caused the problem which brought the country to its knees.

We waited for prosecutions but watched them get bailed out.

We waited for civil and criminal settlements but never saw a dime.

We waited 9 years and finally went to the voting booth.

And so far it’s the only little sense of gratification that we have seen.

So just remember that millions of good people were syphoned into the vortex of the Great Recession and never made whole. Because it was just too big to bail.