Do what they say!
Anotha Dead Nigga In The Street!

Yes. This is terrible. What is happening is insanity. But Mr. Romero is right. Please do what they say! And next time you do PCP or some other mind altering drug just realize you may be another fatality at the hands of the police. You will be the walking dead.

The man reaching into his SUV either couldn’t hear or couldn’t understand police orders. Yes he had his hands up but then put them in the truck. He is history.

If you have a drug problem and live in NJ turn yourself in to authorities. You will receive immediate help. There is an amazing mental health system in place and if you have no health coverage it is free.

You will go to a hospital and transfer to one of the mental health facilities for 3 to 6 weeks. Then there is rehab for up to a year.

It’s worth it. Stop the suicide by cop. Stay alive and clean.