There’s another choice
Gov. Gary Johnson

You can call me Gary or you can call me Earl or you can call me Gararl or you can call me Earlga but you don’t have to call me Mr. Johnson!

A poor take off of Raymond J. Johnson of the 1980's. But I couldn’t resist.

All seriousness aside let me first say I am a Trump supporter and have been since the beginning. But I am watching you and Mr. Weld and I am listening. I took your online test and Trump came out on top with Bernie a close second. I’ve determined that I’m for Trump for visceral reasons and Bernie for his specific proposals.

But I need a candidate who will specially address the plight of millions of us who lost our jobs and businesses, lost our income and wealth, went into bankruptcy, went into foreclosure and lost our houses, subsequently lost our credit lines and good credit AND HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO RECOVER!

We are watching the stock market triple because the Fed is fueling the banks. We are watching all the $10 an hour jobs proliferate while we keep looking for our $60K to $120K jobs which were syphoned off. We are told the unemployment rate is at record lows along with mortgage and interest rates which we can’t access. We are sitting on the couch for the past 9 years deteriorating in every which way and form. We are stewing in our juices and twisting in the wind. We are decimated, devastated and destroyed and no one is doing anything. But, Goddamn it, let there be a storm or a flood and help is on the way !

Do you realize you could get 20 to 30 million votes if you would only help us?

And where are all the Goddamn whore lawyers to help us? Put some powder on your vagina and get cancer and they’re right up your ass to help you get a settlement.

Money is the answer. Money isn’t everything it’s the only thing. We lost tons of it and need to be re-liquified. I don’t give a rat’s arse where you get it. I don’t care if the Fed has to print it. I lost over a million but I’ll settle for $400,000. Anything short of that I’ll keep voting for Trump just to screw this Goddamn stinkin’ country.

If we ever meet in the future I will tell you how I really feel!