Along the way, have multiple wives, many more affairs, while grabbing up everything you can in this one short life.
We, the people, deserve Donald Trump
Manu Järvi

Your deep insight into the human psyche is uncanny. How many of us secretly desire the Trump life; fame and fortune and now maybe power! The ability to grab America by the pu&&y without consequence, to acquire anything you want at anytime and essentially live in heaven on earth. How many of us feel that life is too short and that there is really no afterlife to live for or aspire to?

Who among us watches great sports stars and say “….that could be me!” But then we realize we are too short, too light, too slow or, in my case, too old.

But when we see Trump we have a chance!

If only we had that first million dollar loan to buy the $10 million building at the right time!

And only if we knew at a young age to go for the gusto at the expense of all others because YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE!

(one for your life and one for your dreams)