In spring of 1967 I needed to get ready for Little League tryouts, Farm level.
Craig Heath

Your thoughts bring back memories. It is oddly ironic that on Father’s Day 1964 my Dad and I also were shopping for a new glove. For Babe Ruth play. I was 13 and during our excursion to the various stores we listened to the Phillies on the radio.

“….this is Byram Saam along with Bill Campbell today against the New York Mets…brought to you by Atlantic. Atlantic keeps your car on the go, go, go so keep on the go with Atlantic….”

Turned out to be Jim Bunning’s perfect game. RIP Senator Bunning.

By the way. The glove was a Jim Landis. Whoever he was.

Funny how we remember such details from our youth but a lot of adulthood is just a blur.

Ahhh. My wayward, misspent youth!