Why trickle-down economics is the dumbest idea ever conceived by man
Kevin Simms

You’ve nailed it! The economy is weak because there is weak demand. There is weak demand because all of the nation’s wealth and income was sucked out of us during (the continuing) recession.

Trump must figure out a way to ensure that the tax cuts for the rich gets into the pockets of the masses. Nothing will “trickle down” unless they have a hole in their pockets. The money must be “forced down.”

I call this monetary fracking.

Massive amounts of liquidity (money) forced deep into the bowels of the economy to release the energy of the economic engine.

You are right on. Once I have more money in my pocket I can buy a car, house or a nice steak at Capital Grille.

Until then I have to drive my 1996 Camry,

live in an apartment and eat at McDonalds.