An Open Letter to Highly Sensitive People

I’m fascinated with the concept of an open letter creating a forum for greater awareness. Because sensitive people value honesty and transparency, this is my reason for writing:

The world needs us more than ever.

Elaine Aron wrote so eloquently about sensitive people as the ‘Priestly Advisors’ to the ‘Warrior Kings’. This single phrase reaches into my core; the illumination that sensitivity is my greatest strength. I am called to reach into the deep well of my own wisdom to help transform our world.

There is a place of great honor for sensitive people, a vital role for the 20% of humanity who are created this way.

Since we first walked this earth, sensitives have shaped human growth and evolution. We have been healers, artisans, teachers, inventors, keepers of the sacred legends. We tuned in to the subtleties in nature — weather, seasonal patterns, and migrations of herds to ensure our tribe’s survival.

Our world has changed dramatically since those times, yet much remains the same.

This letter is an invitation for highly sensitive people to begin the vital work of inner healing, to release your past wounds. To emerge fully into wholeness and step forward into empowerment.

Each are called to something different; our own unique gift or ability. Perhaps you are passionate about preserving the Earth’s environment. Or you know there’s a way to provide every person with healthy food to eat and clean water to drink.

You may be a scientist who has the inner wisdom for the next cure. Your strength might be imparting knowledge to our next generation. You envision creating non-violence and peace in our communities.

As a global cross section of all humanity, sensitive people embody every gift our world needs.

It’s time — we are being called right now to something greater. A shift into a modern Renaissance era. An era of widespread empathy, peace, prosperity and enlightenment.

This will require the engagement of sensitive people from every country, every faith, men, women and children, all cultures, all languages. Recognizing our commonalities as humankind and celebrating our diversity without division.

One day, we will live in a world that honors a sensitive way of being. First, we must learn to honor ourselves.

I’m putting the final touches on a new online course called Perceptive Souls: From Surviving to Thriving, which launches in January 2019. I’m inviting 50 highly sensitive people and empaths to act as beta-testers for this first round. In exchange for your feedforward to help me improve, you receive a reduced course fee.

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