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There’s only giving and receiving, there is no taking.

Empaths, if you’ve ever been in a situation where you gave and gave and gave some more and all the other person did was take from you — I have some sobering news.

There’s only giving and receiving, there is no taking.

The concept of taking insinuates that something can be extracted from you without your permission. It can’t.

This was a rough concept for me to wrap my head around.

That I was actually responsible for the role I played in each of my adult relationships, in every situation, in every interaction. When I felt someone sucking the life out of me, when I felt taken advantage of at work, when I was bitter or blaming — my anger was misguided.

Now, I’m not in any way excusing destructive or harmful behavior. No one deserves to be hurt: emotionally, mentally, physically.

The pain from a toxic relationship is real and takes time to heal.

I do however, acknowledge that I chose to participate, even when things became unbalanced and unhealthy.

I’m not beating myself up, it’s been incredibly empowering for me to own that I have the power to choose who and what is in my life.

I also worked to forgive myself for staying too long in relationships and situations that did not serve me. I gave myself a break by recognizing, I was simply operating at the level of consciousness I’d reached at the time.

As we learn through life experience, we become more savvy, better at recognizing red flags. This is not about blaming or shaming, it’s about constantly improving your fine art of discernment.

No one can ever take from you without your permission.

No one can unwillingly steal your energy, time, resources, gifts or vitality.

You get to decide: yes or no.

Someone draining you? Put a stop to it, hold a boundary. Yes, this takes practice but you can do it.

Soul sucking job? Create a plan to move towards something more fulfilling, one step at a time.

Picking up low vibrational energy that’s not yours? Ask for it to be released from your energy field down into the Earth. You’re not responsible for transmuting negativity.

Feeling disconnected? Develop a practice every day that brings you closer to Source, to the Oneness, to your Divine spiritual self. Walk in nature, take a hot bath, pray, read, meditate, dance, love on animals.

Nurture you first.

As an empath, you are naturally a giver, it’s one of your beautiful, loving and compassionate strengths. Sometimes your giving works out just fine and other times you gave too much.

It’s time now to deliberately choose who and what enters your energy field. What’s yours to carry and what you need to lay down and let go.

Most importantly, it’s time to consciously choose people, environments and activities that uplift and nurture your soul.

When you decide to protect and manage your energy field, there will be no more taking.

Protecting your energy field is one of the topics covered in my recent webinar: Empaths Holding Powerful Energetic Boundaries.

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