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Yes, my intuitive friend, that thing you know? You definitely know.

Bevin Niemann
Mar 9, 2019 · 4 min read

One of the most potent strengths for empaths and sensitive people is our intuition. Some hear an inner voice, while others receive a flash of insight all at once. Or a sneak preview movie trailer that illuminates how the past aligns with your present or even points to future possibilities.

There’s a huge gap between noticing the occasional intuitive hit and allowing intuition to be the compass for your life.

One’s like a parlor trick. Hmm, wasn’t that interesting?

The second honors at the deepest level your ability to tune-in to an enormous vault of wisdom that’s always available.

Intuition is an energetic language in which you can become fluent.

Open your eyes and ears plus your extra sixth sense, observing how the signs and synchronicities show up in every moment. Sense in your body what feels right.

Let’s look at a real world example of how allowing intuition to be a guide actually works.

Seven weeks ago, I was walking in the forest when suddenly I received a knowing at the soul level, it is time to move nearby to a city, one of the largest in Texas. The message was crystal clear, this is where you’re supposed to be, in terms of career, community and personal relationships.

Any empath who’s lived in an urban area understands when my ego immediately retorts, but the energy there is so intense! So many people, fast-paced, competitive and somewhat superficial, are you kidding me?

I love where I live, it’s in a smaller city but much more laid back. I have a lot of alone time plus I live right next to a forest with miles of walking trails.

Would I be giving up my peace of mind, my privacy, impacting my health?

Tuning back in, I received the response, it will all be okay. And I’ve followed my higher insight enough times to know when to trust.

I agreed to pursue this, with one condition (because we absolutely get to choose what works for us in this human experience). I’m only moving if I can live near a green space!

I open Google Earth to research, because engaging the logical mind as a partner to the intuitive mind is crucial. A large nature preserve jumps off the map right away.

Several days later, I’m walking through this natural gem right in the middle of the city with trails, a forest and winding creek bed. Birds, bunnies, a calm, still pond, my kind of place.

I notice there’s an apartment complex bordering the preserve and stop in to inquire about availability.

Of course, they have a unit farthest from the road (yay, quiet), in my price range, with the floor plan I need for both my home and business.

It’s available in exactly the right timing and all the windows look out directly into the woods. Only two minutes from the entrance to the preserve, close to stores that carry foods for my gluten and dairy free diet and a thriving spiritual center that offers meditations, drumming circles and weekly classes.

However my friends, the synchronicity and alignment does not stop there.

I stop at an Asian restaurant for dinner that night and draw a fortune cookie out of hundreds from a huge bowl. When I crack open the cookie, the message on the paper states, ‘You will soon move to a wonderful new home.’


Okay I hear you, I know a fortune cookie is cliché. But hey, it demonstrates that messages can and will show up in various ways. A song lyric, spirit animal, a passing comment, reading a phrase online that blows your mind and breaks open everything you thought you knew.

I don’t yet sense quite why this is the right move right now for me, but the path will be revealed. I’ve learned to trust what I know, even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense outwardly.

This is just one example of how intuition can guide your life.

So, where does your intuition come from? Is there an external Source, guiding your life? Or is it your inner wisdom, your higher Self, communicating? How much is pre-determined and how much is free will?

Some prefer to believe there’s a grand Divine plan and we chose to come here to fulfill a certain role. I’m okay with that.

Others want more autonomy, to believe we have the power to write our own destiny. I suspect it’s a combination of both.

When something is a struggle, a battle, it’s just not right, no matter how much you think you want or need it. No matter how secure that job seems, whether you like the place you live or that certain relationship you just can’t seem to let go of.

When what you’re pursuing is in alignment, things will flow. I don’t mean they’ll just be a walk in the park, because we still need to do the work in this physical reality; but it won’t hurt, be a burden, drain you or make you doubt.

When you tune-in, trust and follow, things will always get better.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

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Bevin Niemann

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Life Purpose Coach for Empaths, Lightworkers & Conscious Leaders, Host of Shift Network’s Evolved Empath Summit {}

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