Your life should have a baggage weight limit

How much are you carrying around?

Image credit: Pixabay

I’ve been flying a lot recently and before every departure, I tackle the inevitable task of packing my suitcase.

Hmm, what to take?

What if I need an extra pair of socks? Or that book I’ve been meaning to read? Let’s throw it in, just in case.

The slight uptick in my heartbeat as I approach the airline counter, hefting my bag onto the scale.

Will I come in under the 50 lb. weight limit?


The time my bag registered a whopping 57 lbs., until I realized the airline agent was holding her foot on the scale! A little bit of comic relief in a job I can imagine must be pretty monotonous — I rewarded her with a sheepish grin.

Today, I reflected: how much personal baggage am I carrying around?

I sat down, opened a spreadsheet and created two columns.

The first column header: what I think and feel right now.

The second header: what I also think and feel right now.

You may be familiar with the principle of polarity? How two seemingly opposite thoughts or feelings can hold weight for you at the same time?

When you feel completely divided between two choices or two perspectives, life can get really heavy.

I began to explore my intimate relationships, career, health, lifestyle and yes, even my cat. I let the polarizing issues I’ve been carrying pour out — side by side.

This and that. Yin and yang. Human concerns juxtaposed with spiritual perspectives.

Remember, no judgement. Just taking a hard look at the baggage, the weight I’m actually carrying.

Twelve topics in, I stopped for a long exhale.

I definitely have my own foot upon the scale; it’s much harder to appreciate the comedy in that.

Realistically, each of these items requires my attention in some shape or form. However, it’s clear I’ve been choosing to assign more weight to my thoughts, feelings and concerns than perhaps necessary.

What am I ready to unpack and lay down forever?

Where can I move beyond the opposites of polarity to discover a healthier perspective?

If my bag were to become intentionally lighter, how could that free up my time and energy? What’s possible if I choose to completely let go?

Let’s imagine for a moment you’ve decided to take a look inside your own baggage. What did you choose to pack? Is everything you’re carrying absolutely essential?

Have you exceeded your own personal weight limit?