Eric, more features is better than less features: if I can use right now and everywhere OpenGL, why…
perchio petola

Eric, I’m quite sure you’re a honest guy but, as a professional, I feel your replies lack of enough argumentation. Imho, the biggest mistake is considering the web something growing, moving, changing, etc. and the native app world like something static, with static stores, static ways to do things, etc. Apple and Google could change their politics whenever they want: right now it is technically possible to do things very similar to “progressive web apps” (if required), who know what will they do in the next 5 years? We can’t imagine the native app future as it was the same as the present forever.

My technical two cents about costs: I’ve been a JS developer for more than 15 years and I’ve developed apps using anything (AS3, NimbleKit, Sencha, Cordova, Titanium…). My works include an app containing 25k lines of pure JavaScript. One day, about three years ago, I switched to native and rebuilt that app: it took 20% of the code required and 30% the time, I learned lots of new things, I grew as a developer, the code was far more readable and maintainable, the app far more reactive, the price for the final customers was 75% less (the same happened with its Android version, built by another developer).

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