Glue for the soul

Dear L,

Remember when we were young, remember all the stuff that we used to break? We would secretly glue the pieces back, before anyone found out. Nobody found out. Nobody ever notices the cracks.

I broke my heart L, I broke my soul too. And then one day my spirit shattered all by itself. So I did what we always did, I picked up a bottle of glue and went searching for the pieces. Over the days, I found all the pieces but the glue didn’t work L. They refuse to stick. Why won’t it stick, L? How do I make myself whole again?

I wish you weren’t sick. Why is there no glue for the soul L? It gets broken so often, by the smallest of things, by the unworthiest of people. I wish there was a way I could glue pieces of you together. Maybe you’d wake up then, L.

What do I with these pieces then L? Let them blow into the wind? And make peace with the empty spaces they’ve left behind?

If you’re out there. Broken. And nobody seems to have noticed your cracks. Know that you can find your glue. Reach out. People are the best glue for mending a broken spirit. You will be whole again. New pieces will replace the old and the seams and cracks will be filled with gold. Just like Kintsugi the cracks will illuminate you. The seams will be the best part of your soul.

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