If you follow your passion, bend over

Dear L,

You always told me that the people who follow their own passion are the most fulfilled. The world looks upto them. But as I grew up I found out. The world hates people who follow their own passion. Following your passion becomes an excuse for them to use you, to pay you less, to get more work out of you for nothing. “Why do you need more money/ time/ people, you’re doing it for your passion anyways?” They all seemed to resent me and were almost angry that I could follow my own path. I stopped telling people I was following my passion. I hid it as far and deep within me as I could. I hid it from all of them. I hid it so deep that I lost it. I hid it from myself as well. I told the world I was just like them, I was in it for the money as well. I lied so well, I convinced myself too.

But the world changed, there were happy now, paying me more, giving me more time, allowing me more freedom. They felt like I was one of them now. That I too, was miserable inside, just like the rest of them. I too, was stuck doing something I hated.

True joy, you taught me L, should be shared. But I don’t think so anymore. If you put it out there L, the leeches will descend and they’ll suck it all out of you, till you have none left for yourself. Hide it L. Never let them see you smile.

I wonder if that’s how you fell ill, L. Did you put your joy out there for too long? I wonder if they asked you too, to bend over, when you told them you were following your passion? Why didn’t you tell me L? I would have known, I would have empathised. I bent over without even knowing it L.

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