I’m tired of playing fetch

Dear L,

I am tired of playing fetch. It was fun when we started out, when you’d throw the ball and like an eager puppy I ran after it to see where it had fallen and bring it back to you. The further you threw it the longer it took for me to return to you. But return I always did.

Until you started faking it. You would pretend to throw and I would search endlessly in the bushes for the ball never realising that you hadn’t thrown it in the first place. It took me really long to figure that out.

But now that you’re not well, I keep trying to reassure myself that maybe it was a part of your sickness, maybe you couldn’t help yourself. Although you smiled while you did it. But now that you’re not well I have nowhere to run. I just end up chasing my tail. I wish you’d get better even if it’s just to pretend throw the ball, just so that I’d have somewhere to run. So that I’d have something to do.

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