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Have you ever been bothered by “specialized” painters that only ask you more and more money? Or about those painters that can only paint interiors? When you need a complete painting job for your store, house or industrial facility, you don’t want to find one team for interiors, another one for exteriors, and of course, the “experienced” team that paints metal and other special surfaces. Peregrine Painting identified the need for professional painting of clients from Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, and pledged to offer hassle free services for all of them.

The trend today is to use eco-friendly paintings, and the majority of painters claim that they can offer you just that, but how can you be sure? Peregrine Paintings uses only paintings from Benjamin Moore, Dulux and Sherwin Williams, making sure that the materials are friendly with the environment, but also that they will last forever.

Preparation is one of the most important parts of a painting job. Many people that think about getting their house painted, keep delaying the moment when they will contact a company, thinking about the mess that painters leave behind. Sometimes, painting lasts for a few days, while cleaning lasts for weeks, and this is the responsibility of owners! It is just rude. At Peregrine Painting, preparing the place is an important matter. The furniture is wrapped in cloths, or moved into another area, the floors are entirely covered with resistant materials, and the fragile objects are removed.

Every surface is scraped, washed and examined. If there are any irregularities, those have to be removed. A plane surface guarantees the quality of painting, making sure that the wall looks perfectly before and after being painted.

Usually, two finish coats are applied on the surface, but if the client is not satisfied, the Peregrine workers will apply more. It is all about the satisfaction of the client, which is encouraged to inspect the work. This is why the services of this company are beyond reproach.

Even with careful preparation, sometimes traces of paint might remain in some places. There is also a lot of dust left behind, even in other areas that were not painted. Peregrine Paintings cleans the place to perfection, making sure that the client can use the respective room comfortably, as soon as the workers have left the premises.

Once Peregrine Painting finished its work, you can be sure that the paint will look the same for ages. Any work of this company is guaranteed for three years, and if something happens during this time, they are also ready to come over and repair the potential damages with no extra costs.

At Peregrine Painting, the employees are not only reliable, but also creative. If you are not sure what color is suited for a certain room, or for the exterior of your house, you will benefit of free consultation. This way, you will have the perfect colors combination, without the hustle of browsing tens of catalogues and of comparing tens of nuances that look the same.

Peregrine Painting — Painter Residential & Commercial 
Toronto, ON
(647) 308–9096

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